How to become physically, mentally and emotionally healthier, more vital and powerful through mobility routines, for clearer thinking and better decisions in everyday life.

Unlock Your Body

Through my holistic approach you will feel free, light and peaceful again and finally understand your body yourself - in just 5-15 minutes a day.

Do you feel like caught in the eternal stress loop? In the golden hamster wheel?

Imagine being able to trust your body again, understand the language of your body, and move gracefully and confidently without thinking about it. Imagine being the expert of your own body once again. It’s Time To Recover Your Natural Movement Intelligence, Body Competency And Health.

When all aspects of your body, including mind and emotions, are in harmony, health, performance and longevity unfold.

Healthcare in the 2020s is self-responsible. Regardless of your age or fitness level, this foundational self-care should be as essential as brushing your teeth!

Unlock Your Body is a modern synthesis of biomechanics, neurology, bioenergetics, psychosomatics, and philosophy.

It's a holistic approach that helps you find your user manual of the most advanced technology in the world: your body.

Are you ready to leave pain, blockages and stress behind?

Ready to experience a new level of freedom in movement and life?

Welcome to

An intelligent movement based practice that signals self-healing to all systems of your body. Join us on a transformative journey towards a supple and resilient body, vibrant health, and deep fulfillment.

Stop back and neck pain forever. Discover Your Own User Manual for Your Body

Imagine being able to optimize your brain, improve your posture, move with ease and grace, reduce pain and stress, enhance body awareness, balance, and vision, all through an intelligent movement routine in just a couple of minutes. Why does it work? Our bodies and brains have evolved with and for movement during neuro-motor development, and this principle, coupled with new and old scientific insights, rewires your body on a daily basis.

Led by renowned movement and health expert Tim Böttner, this course combines cutting-edge scientific insights with proven practices and Tim’s extensive experience working with countless individuals. You will benefit from Tim’s expertise as he guides you through deep experiences, exercises, routines, and personalized adaptations tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Throughout the course, you will delve into various modules that progressively build upon one another, guiding you towards greater harmony. Each lesson is carefully crafted to provide a balance of theory and practical application, ensuring that you not only understand the concepts but also experience tangible results.

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Unlock Your Body offers holistic movement routines and a wealth of resources. With lifetime access to the course materials, you can revisit and reinforce your newfound knowledge whenever needed.

Course Structure

The Unlock Your Body course is designed to guide you step-by-step towards becoming an expert in your own body. You will experience and practice scientific concepts and subtle arts directly to realign and reconnect with your body.

You can also jump directly into the integrative movement routines that will bring you immediate benefits and deepen your experience step-by-step later.

This course is not just about mobility, body, and movement as you traditionally understand it. Mobility is the ability to experience the world around you. Your body is not just your physical body; it is a sensory organ with emotions, organs, thoughts, and feelings that enable you to perceive reality. Developing movement competence and body intelligence allows you to gain health competence and make decisions from a centered place amidst the chaos of life. This is foundational knowledge, everybody should embody.

6 Simple Steps to Follow



Step 1.

Unlock Yourself from Concepts

As children, we learn movement competence and body intelligence with an open and beginner’s mindset, like a blank slate. Our brains are free from concepts and ready to learn. However, as adults, we accumulate many concepts that distract us from health and hinder deep paradigm shifts. In Step 1, we free ourselves from limiting concepts that hold us back and develop more functional beliefs. You will learn to understand the valuable messages of pain and discomfort and interpret the signals from your body.



Step 2.

Unlock Your Senses

Your body is a sensory organ that signals the needs of your body and helps you perceive the world. Reconnecting with your senses—kinesthetic sense, visual system, hearing, proprioception, interoception, as well as emotions and thoughts—is not just an intellectual exercise but a practice. Quoting Jill Miller: “Your body thinks in feels”.



Step 3.

Unlock Your Breath

Breathing is a key to your nervous system, optimal biomechanics, and the seamless flow between you and the world. Understand the power of breath and learn how to perceive and influence your body through breathing techniques.



Step 4.

Unlock Through Movement, Move-By-Move

Step by step, you will unfold your natural movement competence through progressive movement lessons. We start with head movements and explore rolling, rocking, and crawling to restore all fundamental movement patterns. We follow the psycho-emo-neuro-motoric development to cultivate movement competence and body intelligence that you can rely on for a lifetime.



Step 5.

Unlock Your Body with Full Movement Routines

All the isolated aspects from previous steps are integrated into holistic movement routines. You can also choose to jump ahead to this final stage and return to the isolated steps whenever you want to deepen your experience. These routines combine mindfulness, sensory activations, and mobility, based on the latest scientific insights and ancient wisdom, adapted to the challenges of our time. They should become as regular as your daily dental care routine!



Step 6.

Integrate Natural Movement into Daily Life

Learn healthy habits to integrate movement into your daily life. Discover how to use your movement competence and body intelligence in practical ways, such as improving your sitting posture, working more efficiently, walking with ease, and much more, without needing a dedicated training session.

By following this structured journey, you will unlock the full potential of your body, develop a deeper connection with yourself, and cultivate a sustainable and transformative movement practice for lifelong health and well-being.

Key Benefits You Get

Join the Unlock Your Body Course today and unlock your full potential for physical and mental well-being!

Is it you?

Do you have a body?

If you have a body, this course is for you. It is inclusive, not exclusive. You will feel changes in every movement, from your everyday activities to training and sports, as movement is based on the same principles.

Do you want a minimal health practice with maximum impact?

In this course, you will learn a synergy of methods to achieve a wide range of effects in minimal time.

Are you interested in health optimization and biohacking?

This course combines essences from different perspectives to have maximum impact on your health and life energy with minimal effort.

Are you tired of depending on experts and technology?

By understanding and responding to your body's signals, you can become your own tracker and therapist.

Are you a desk athlete and everyday hero?

If you spend a significant amount of time sitting and suffer from poor posture, tension, and limited mobility, this course can help improve your physical health and mitigate the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

Are your thoughts racing, and do you spend too much time in virtual worlds?

Learn to control your racing mind and reconnect with your body, feeling at home within yourself.

Do you no longer trust your body and feel disconnected from it?

Learn to reconnect with your body through your senses, breath, and movement, becoming your own expert.

Longing for longevity?

Do you want to play with your grandchildren and experience life as an adventure in 30 or 60 years? Optimal biomechanics and balance are the foundation for healthy longevity.

Suffering from anxiety and worries?

Learn to connect with your body in the present moment and let go of fears and worries.

Feeling rushed and stressed?

Learn strategies to calm your body and mind.

Seeking maximum brain performance?

Your brain has developed with and for movement. Learn how movement can optimize your brain's performance.

Craving joy and lightness in your body again?

Rediscover the joy of movement.

Feeling low on energy and sluggish?

Learn daily movement routines for the vibrant life of your dreams.

Overwhelmed by hundreds of movement and training concepts?

Learn not just a new concept, but the principles of your body's logic. It's the last movement course you'll ever need, becoming the expert in your own body that you've always been.

Want to acquire the tools to navigate the growing information jungle?

The world is becoming increasingly complex, and trying to understand and learn everything can lead to failure. Your body competence is your compass. Learn to ride the waves of life dynamically from your center and develop sustainable resilience.

Are you a trainer, coach, therapist, or doctor seeking a holistic perspective?

If you work as a trainer, therapist, or doctor and are looking for new approaches and techniques to effectively support your clients in improving their physical health and performance, this course provides a solid knowledge foundation that you can integrate into your work. You will learn new tools and methods to individually guide your clients and provide tailored solutions to their specific needs.

Are you an athlete or even a professional athlete?

Whether you are a competitive athlete or looking to improve your athletic performance, this course will help you optimize your movement efficiency, coordination, and body control. You will learn how to prevent injuries and unleash your full athletic potential.

Do you suffer from chronic pain?

If you are experiencing chronic pain, this course can help alleviate your pain and regain your freedom of movement. You will learn how to improve your posture and release painful tension.

Top 5 Benefits of the Course

Feel Light, Free and Powerful Again

Develop a supple and agile body, allowing you to move with greater ease, fluidity, and freedom. Unlock your body's potential for improved range of motion and functional movement patterns.

End Pain and Blockages

Experience a reduction in pain, tension, and discomfort as you optimize your body's alignment, posture, and biomechanics. Enhance your overall physical health and vitality.

Trust Your Body Through Mind-Body Connection and Awareness

Cultivate a deep sense of body awareness and mindfulness, allowing you to connect with your body on a profound level. Develop a greater understanding of how your body functions and respond to its signals more intuitively.

Stress Reduction and Emotional Well-being

Learn techniques to manage stress, release tension, and cultivate emotional resilience through movement and breathwork. Experience a greater sense of calm, balance, and inner harmony.

Empowerment and Self-Mastery

Become the expert of your own body and take charge of your health and well-being. Develop the knowledge, skills, and tools to create a personalized movement practice that supports your unique needs and goals. Experience a sense of empowerment and self-mastery over your physical and mental abilities.

These benefits combine to create a transformative experience that allows you to unlock your body's true potential, leading to a life of greater freedom, vitality, and joy.

About me

Tim Böttner is a highly knowledgeable and experienced holistic health, movement, and lifestyle coach. With his unique background as a sports scientist and mechanical engineer, Tim brings a comprehensive and systematic approach to the world of health and wellness. With his diverse skill set and extensive knowledge, Tim has developed a unique teaching methodology that combines his engineering and sports science background with the subtle arts of health. This approach allows him to break down complex concepts and make them accessible to learners of all levels.

Tim’s systematic approach to teaching empowers his students to understand the subtleties of movement and cultivate a deeper connection with their bodies. His ability to bridge the gap between science and practice enables individuals to achieve optimal results and unlock their body’s true potential.

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Tim's Path

Having conducted over 1500 personal training and coaching sessions and taught over 1500 group classes, Tim has gained invaluable hands-on experience and insights. He has also learned from some of the most inspiring mentors in the world, continuously expanding his knowledge and refining his coaching techniques. By joining Tim on the “Unlock Your Body” online course, you’ll benefit from his extensive expertise and innovative teaching style. Discover the transformative power of holistic movement, cultivate a deeper understanding of your body, and embark on a journey towards optimal well-being. Enroll now and experience the holistic approach that sets Tim apart as a trusted coach and guide in the field of health and fitness.

Elisa, Sports Scientist
Elisa, Sports Scientist
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"Far too often, the individual disciplines in sports are considered in isolation and compete with each other. Tim manages to find a common thread and achieve a holistic perspective. The connection between fascia, organs, neural aspects, breathing, and our muscular work was clear to me and provides a more holistic view on specific pain symptoms in my work as a sports therapist."
Dr. Simone Koch
Dr. Simone Koch
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"If you want to be individually supported with endless expertise, passion, and commitment, Tim is the right person to turn to. Highly recommended from a personal and medical perspective!"
Frank,  Athlete  & Office Worker
Frank, Athlete & Office Worker
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"I have been involved in sports since I could walk, and Tim has made me think about movement in a completely different way. The holistic approach is definitely my highlight. Only when all links in the movement chain fit together perfectly is power generation and utilization optimal."
Julian Gunkel, Physiotherapist
Julian Gunkel, Physiotherapist
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"A wonderful, inspiring person with incredibly effective coaching skills! Highest level of practical and theoretical knowledge in training and health. Whether you want to move without pain, seek optimization at a professional athletic level, or improve your everyday fitness, Tim is highly recommended. Congratulations on your work, Tim!"
Xafer F., Everyday Hero
Xafer F., Everyday Hero
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"Tim possesses a wealth of knowledge and has the ability to convey it in a simple way that everyone can understand. His passion and vision are absolutely contagious, and success comes immediately. Tim Boettner loves and lives movement... You can feel it in everything he teaches."

Community and Support

Our course offers a dedicated forum where you can connect with fellow participants and ask questions. It’s a space where you can seek guidance, share insights, and receive personalized support from both Tim Böttner and the community. In addition to the forum, we host regular live Q&A and Follow Along sessions where you have the opportunity to interact directly with Tim Böttner. During these sessions, you can ask specific questions, seek clarification on course material, and gain valuable insights from Tim’s expertise.

What sets this course apart

The course stands out with its unique combination of knowledge, experience, and passion.

Holistic Approach

Our course views the body as an integrated system of systems, where biomechanics and neurology are influenced by thoughts and emotions. We go beyond isolated exercises and integrate aspects such as breathing, mindfulness, and more. You will understand how everything is interconnected.

In-depth Expertise

The course is based on scientific knowledge, modern methods, and proven practices, as well as my experiences and work with hundreds of clients. You will gain access to a solid knowledge base built on the latest research and years of experience.

Individual Customization

We understand that every body is unique. Therefore, we place great emphasis on individual customization and consideration of your specific needs and goals. You will learn to understand your own body and adapt exercises accordingly.

Structured Course Design

Our course is structured and progressive to ensure that you make step-by-step progress and unlock your full potential. As an engineer and scientist, I can provide you with a systematic approach to complex and subtle topics. You will be guided through different modules that build upon each other and continually challenge you. However, you can also jump directly to the integrated movement routines and complete the deeper modules later.

Practical Implementation

Our focus is on the practical application of what you learn. You will not only gain theoretical knowledge but also put it into practice. Most importantly, you will learn while moving! Our exercises and routines are simple and directly applicable, allowing you to immediately feel positive changes in your body.

Community and Support

You will become part of an inspiring community of like-minded individuals who motivate and support each other. Sharing experiences, progress, and challenges will be a valuable source of inspiration and growth.

Updates and Live Sessions

Our course provides regular updates and live sessions to ensure you stay up to date and benefit from additional information and techniques. These live sessions also allow you to interact directly with me and other participants, asking questions and engaging interactively.

Access via App and Browser

You can access the course through our user-friendly app or browser. This gives you maximum flexibility and allows you to access the course from anywhere and at any time. Whether you prefer learning on your mobile device while on the go or on your computer at home, access is easy and convenient.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

30-day money-back guarantee: Experience the life-changing impact risk-free. If not fully satisfied within 30 days, receive a full refund—no questions asked.


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Unlock Everything NOW

Course at Your Own Pace:

Progress through the material at your own speed, with no deadlines or time constraints. Revisit lessons and make steady progress towards unlocking your body's full potential.

Regular updates:

Stay at the forefront with new cutting-edge insights, ensuring a dynamic and enriching experience.

Lifetime access:

Enjoy unlimited access via our user-friendly app and browser platform, providing flexibility and convenience.


8-Week Online Journey
starting July 31


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Routine 1
Routine 2
Routine 3
Routine 4

Welcome to Unlock Your Body

Welcome to the transformative journey of unlocking your body. This course goes beyond concepts and provides a user manual for your body, tapping into its innate intelligence and healing capabilities. Discover the principles of your body, engage your senses, and reprogram your movements. You are your body’s expert, and this course will guide you back to your true self. Enjoy the journey.

The Unlock Your Body Journey

Let me guide you on your transformative journey with us. Our integrative full body movement routines are at the core of this course, allowing you to dive right in. These routines blend sensory awakening, primal movement patterns, and a seamless fusion of meditative, biomechanical, biochemical, and neurological elements. Incorporate these routines into your daily or weekly routine for optimal results. As you progress, we delve deeper into each aspect through dedicated modules, building upon your foundation. Start with the ‘Basic Concepts,’ awaken your ‘Senses,’ explore the power of ‘Breathing,’ and master movement from the neck to crawling and rotation. Revisit the integrative routines throughout the journey to integrate your learnings. Embrace the wisdom of your body and enjoy the transformative process. Share your experiences with us along the way. Let’s begin this journey together!

The P.A.I.N. Approach: Understanding and Dealing with Discomfort and Pain

Discover how to effectively manage discomfort and pain in this video. View them as signals from your body, prompting necessary changes. The P.A.I.N. method—Perceive, Accept, Investigate, and Nurture—offers a framework for understanding and addressing discomfort and pain.

Perceive: Become aware of the discomfort. Observe without judgment or immediate attempts to change it. Simply acknowledge its presence.

Accept: Fully embrace the experience without resistance or denial. Be present with the discomfort and understand its implications.

Investigate: Curiously explore the discomfort’s qualities—location, intensity, duration, associated emotions or thoughts. Gain insights into its nature and potential influences.

Nurture: Take proactive steps to address the discomfort. Adjust your thinking, behavior, or movement patterns as needed. Support your overall well-being.

By applying the P.A.I.N. method, transform discomfort and pain into opportunities for growth. Perceive, accept, investigate, and nurture, gaining a deeper understanding and making informed decisions for your health and well-being. Use this method preventatively for a healthier, vibrant life.

Note: The P.A.I.N. Approach draws inspiration from Tara Brach’s RAIN concept—Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture—for working with difficult emotions and experiences.

The Power of Smiling: How Your Mood Influences Mobility

Discover how your mood and smiling impact your mobility. Feeling safe promotes flexibility and range of motion, while a sense of threat limits exploration. Smiling triggers positive neurochemicals, reducing stress and relaxing muscles throughout the body. Embrace genuine smiles, kind thoughts, and gentle movements to create safety and enhance flexibility. Unlock the power of smiling for transformed mobility and well-being.

Why Your Senses Matter

Explore the significance of sensory perception for our overall well-being and understand the limitations of relying solely on the mind. Discover how cultivating sensory awareness enhances movement efficiency, deepens the body-mind connection, and allows for a more authentic experience of reality. Trust your senses, tap into the innate wisdom of your body, and embark on a journey of profound sensory experiences and holistic well-being.

Emotions are powerful and complex experiences that shape our daily lives. They can be understood as patterns of energy that arise within our bodies and influence our thoughts, behaviors, and overall well-being. In this video, we explore the nature of emotions, how we can perceive them as simple energetic patterns in our bodies.

Emotions as Patterns of Energy

Neurobiologically, emotions are the result of intricate interactions between the brain, nervous system, and various hormones and neurotransmitters. They play a crucial role in our survival, decision-making, and social interactions. Emotions can be seen as embodied experiences, with specific physiological changes accompanying each emotional state.


From a TCM standpoint, emotions are viewed as energetic imbalances that affect the flow of Qi (life force energy) within the body. Different emotions are associated with specific organs and meridians, and when emotions become excessive or suppressed, they can disrupt the harmonious flow of Qi, leading to physical and emotional imbalances.

Why breathing matters

Discover the profound effects of conscious breathing on your nervous system, biomechanics, and overall well-being. Explore how your breath serves as a key stabilizer and remote control for your nervous system, influencing movement potential and stress response. Learn the mechanics of optimal breathing, including nasal breathing, diaphragmatic engagement, and ribcage expansion. Understand the biochemical impact of breath on oxygen exchange and body function. By embracing conscious breathing practices, you can optimize movement, regulate stress, and cultivate a deep connection with your body and well-being.

The Science of Humming and Vibration: Stimulating the Vagus Nerve for Relaxation

Explore the power of vibration in calming the nervous system and promoting well-being. Learn how vibrations, such as humming or “Ooohm” chanting, stimulate the Vagus Nerve, triggering a relaxation response. Discover the benefits of these practices, including reduced stress levels and a slower heart rate. Embrace the transformative effects of vibrations and create a harmonious balance within.

Embodied Anatomy Of The Diaphragm

Delve into the intricate anatomy of the diaphragm and its fascial connections throughout the body. Understand the role of the diaphragm in respiration and its connections to the pelvic floor, psoas muscle, and thoracic cavity. Explore how these connections influence stability, posture, movement, and emotional well-being. Enhance body functionality and promote holistic well-being by nurturing the diaphragm’s fascial connections.

The Power of Tongue Placement

Welcome to the fascinating world of tongue placement and its impact on your overall health. In this video, we will explore the importance of proper tongue posture, its biomechanical and neurological significance, and even delve into the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist philosophies. Let’s unlock the potential of your tongue and discover the transformative effects it can have on your well-being.

Biomechanical Perspective: Did you know that the position of your tongue plays a vital role in various functions, including speech, swallowing, and even breathing? When your tongue rests gently against the palate (the roof of your mouth), it promotes proper airflow and maintains the integrity of the upper airway. This makes nasal breathing easier and can help prevent issues like snoring or sleep apnea. Additionally, correct tongue posture supports the natural alignment of the jaw, preventing misalignments and related conditions.

Neurological Perspective: Beyond its biomechanical influence, the tongue has intricate connections to the brain. The position of the tongue on the palate stimulates important cranial nerves, such as the trigeminal and glossopharyngeal nerves. These nerves have extensive networks throughout the head and neck, influencing facial muscle coordination, oral motor skills, and overall oral function. By maintaining proper tongue posture, you enhance the communication between your brain and body, promoting better coordination and functionality.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist Perspectives: In traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist philosophies, the tongue’s placement against the palate is considered a crucial element in cultivating inner energy and achieving overall harmony. According to these ancient practices, the tongue acts as a bridge connecting the upper and lower energy centers of the body. By keeping the tongue on the roof of the mouth, you facilitate the flow of vital energy (known as Qi) throughout the body’s meridians. This promotes optimal health, supports digestion and circulation, and helps maintain emotional balance.

Conclusion: Proper tongue placement on the palate is not merely a matter of aesthetics; it holds profound implications for your health and vitality. By embracing correct tongue posture, you optimize oral function, enhance breathing, and support cranial nerve function. Moreover, you tap into ancient wisdom that highlights the connection between tongue position and the flow of vital energy in the body.

So, let’s unlock the potential of your tongue’s placement and unleash a new level of health and vitality within yourself. Remember, you have the power to influence your tongue’s position and experience the transformative effects it can have on your overall well-being.

Key Takeaways:

  • Proper tongue placement promotes optimal oral and overall health.
  • The position of the tongue influences cranial nerve function, enhancing neural pathways and improving oral motor skills.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist philosophies recognize the role of tongue placement in cultivating inner energy and achieving overall harmony.

Unleash the power of proper tongue placement and discover a new level of health and vitality. Embrace this knowledge, explore the connections, and experience the transformative effects within yourself.

The Great Vision

What is the greater vision of Unlock Your Body? I am thrilled that you have embarked on this journey to unlock your body. However, I believe that the knowledge and practices you will gain here should be fundamental education for every individual on Earth. Ideally, we should intuitively understand and connect with our bodies, but unfortunately, we often don’t.

That’s precisely why I created this course—to provide foundational knowledge that can improve every aspect of our lives. When we are in tune with our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, we can make better decisions and become better humans. We begin to understand the true essence of our humanness and experience the interconnectedness of everything.

The first step in this journey is nourishing your relationship with yourself. By developing self-love, you empower self-healing and put an end to self-harm. As you progress, you will start to realize how everything within your body is interconnected—and not only within yourself but with nature, other people, and the world as a whole. You become aware that nurturing and loving yourself means nurturing and loving every relationship you have, whether it’s with people, nature, products, or the future.

Unlocking your body is about unlocking collective bodies and collective health. My vision is that if every person could develop the understanding you are gaining in this course, we would create a better world. I see my contribution as part of a collective effort to shape a brighter future, to foster better individuals who awaken to our shared consciousness, and to cultivate a more loving and healthier collective.

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey. Let it serve as motivation for you to show up daily, not only for your “Unlock Your Body Routine” but to unlock the greater bodies that extend beyond yourself. I am grateful to be sharing this experience with you.

With gratitude, Tim

Unlock and Integrate the Pelvic Floor

Integrate the pelvic floor in rocking movements to optimize stability and balance. Learn to activate and coordinate the pelvic floor and diaphragm through breath and movement. Explore the relationship between the diaphragm, core stability, and the integration of the shoulder girdle with the pelvis. Experience the transformative effects of integrating the pelvic floor and create fluid and beautiful movement.

The Miracle of Crawling

Discover the significance of crawling as a fundamental movement pattern. Explore the cross crawl movement, engaging both sides of the body in a coordinated manner. Understand how crawling enhances strength, coordination, and neural connections. Embrace crawling exercises to improve physical and cognitive functioning. Experience the benefits of crawling for child development and tap into the natural movement patterns that promote vitality and well-being.

30-day money-back guarantee: Experience the life-changing impact risk-free. If not fully satisfied within 30 days, receive a full refund—no questions asked.

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