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“The essence is always simple, elegant and beautiful.
The journey is a wonderful adventure called life.”

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Do you feel like you've lost the user manual for your body?
"Unlock Your Body" is an Integrative Approach to Optimal Health through Movement
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Although knowledge is exponentially expanding, we are marked by energy depletion, dissatisfaction, and illness. Individually and collectively, our lives seem to have become complicated and fragmented.

We have separated the inseparable. We have mistaken knowledge for wisdom and truth.


The solution is not to turn away from progress or romanticize the past, but rather to consciously synthesize modern sciences and technologies, ancient wisdom, and our human experience.


With Think Flow Grow, I impart the practice of health, movement, and life for a sustainable future.

In a world of artificial intelligence, our body and health intelligence are the most valuable assets. As a scientist and engineer, I offer a structured approach to holistic health.

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Your individual health is the foundation for collective health. In our bodies, we speak of health or illness. Collectively, we speak of peace or war. Create peace and health within yourself. On your journey, you will also contribute to the health of others and nature.

This is your responsibility, freedom, and choice.

Are you ready?

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Holistic: Holistic (from Ancient Greek “whole”) is synonymous with wholeness and means that natural systems do not consist of separate, independent parts but interact with each other. It is a law of nature. The body is a system of systems that follows a body logic. When we understand this body logic and the body’s signals, we can solve symptoms at their root cause and become “whole.”

Holistic Health Coaching

Are you frustrated because despite your efforts, you are not as healthy and fit as you desire? Discover a completely new perspective on the function of the body and mind and create a foolproof health concept for yourself.

“I am Tim, a holistic health, movement, and lifestyle coach and educator. With Think Flow Grow, I create a synthesis of modern science, technology, practical experience, the wisdom of nature, and time-tested traditions into a holistic, root-cause-oriented, and integrative approach. As a trained sports scientist and engineer, I provide a structured path into the art of individual and collective health, teaching with science and soul. I have undergone dozens of national and international education and training in the areas of exercise, therapy, coaching, and nutrition, from Reiki to CrossFit, and I learn from the most significant mentors. All that interests me are the principles behind all concepts – and what truly works. I currently live in green Leipzig with my partner and daughter.

Would you like to book me as a speaker for your project or would you like a workshop? I look forward to hearing from you! Please send me a message. I am thrilled to share my knowledge and experience with you and your team and to create something special together.

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